Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies and Sourdough Pretzels

This weekend I made some cookies for Colin’s game night, Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies to be precise.  It may have been the recipe of the year for 2015, but it is just as amazing in 2017.  I had made these twice before with mixed results.  Great the first time but too much spread the second time.  I skimmed  the reviews before diving in and decided that my problem before may have been too many chocolate chips (which is borderline sacrilege for me to say), so I stuck with closer to 2 cups (really I just used one full bag of Ghirardelli semi sweet chips per recipe– I was doubling the recipe).  They turned out wonderfully, so I think that’s the key to success for me!  I did some with my scone scoop and some with my 2 T scoop and they all came out beautifully perfectly round and looking like something out of a professional bakery (if I humbly say so myself).

Then on Sunday I decided to feed my starter for the first time in probably like 3 weeks?  I used the discard to give these Sourdough Pretzels a go.  I only made half the recipe so ended up with 6 pretzels and enough leftover to make a small pretzel braid.  I listened to the reviews and did the baking soda/non-diastatic malt powder boil before baking and the outsides came out nice and brown, so I think I’ll stick with that when I do this again.  I did about 2 T baking soda and 1 T malt powder.  Of my 6 pretzels I’d say 1 retained a generally pretzel-like shape, so you know, better than zero! (The staff at Auntie Ann’s make it look so easy!) I did half of them with pretzel salt and half with everything bagel topping and they came out pretty tasty!  I would’ve rolled the ropes a little thicker next time because here I am 2 days later and they’re a little hard/overly chewy because they’re starting to dry out.  Not sure why, but I feel like thicker ropes of dough would help fix this.

In total, two tasty weekend snacks!  I’ll definitely repeat the cookies because they are amazing and will probably repeat the pretzels because of continual sourdough discard, so maybe one day I’ll get to the point of actually perfecting the rolling and shaping.  Something to aspire to 🙂


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