These Bagels are Everything

During our pilgrimage to King Arthur one of the items we grabbed was everything bagel topping. I LOVE the stinky deliciousness of a good everything bagel so had to see if I could execute these myself. One item I needed that I didn’t get while up there was non-diastatic malt powder, but I was able to grab some during the $3 shipping special KAF ran, so once that arrived I was good to go! 

I decided to make water bagels because I’ve heard those are the best (it’s what Bodos makes). I only made half of the recipe because there are only 2 of us and allegedly Colin doesn’t like bagels. 

Making the initial dough went as usual, but it did come out kind of sticky (maybe because of the humidity) so I added a little extra flour which absorbed quickly and the dough became sticky again. I figured best to not over-flour, so I just left it to rise.

Once it rose I transferred it back to the counter…

And prepared the malt powder and sugar water bath.

I used my bench knife to make 8 pieces, shaped each into a ball, and poked my finger through the middle. Twirling to form a ring, however, was a smidge tricky. Did they really just mean spin the dough on your finger? Sounds fun, but also tricky when the sticky dough sticks to your finger. See below for two failed attempts and one successful one.

I will say I’m sort of surprised there isn’t a second rise once shaped, but I’m sure a smarter baker than me could explain why that’s not the case. I also found mine to be about the size of a Thomas’s bagel you buy pre-made in the bread section of the store, but I had been hoping for big Kahana bagels that are basically a meal in and of themselves. I guess next time I would make fewer dough balls to begin with to get bigger finished products.

Once the bagels were all shaped and the water was boiling I transferred the first few to the pot. I had a hard time keeping the bath at a gentle simmer as it seemed to either be boiling or not simmering at all (stupid electric stove). I erred on the side of boiling though. Here is a snapshot of how it went. The top ones have been boiled, the bottom ones have not.

After that I brushed with a gently beaten egg white and topped each with about a half tablespoon of everything bagel topping.

Oh baby, looking and smelling good already. In they went for 20 mins until “deep golden brown.” I always wuss out on cook times, so mine were done, but not deep brown per say.

I transferred over to my cooling rack and waited as long as I could before diving in (about 5 min). I didn’t have any cream cheese on hand, but these were good on their own thanks to the topping!

And just for kicks I also made some magic in the middles that night because hubs needed a special peanut butter treat. As always, they were a hit. I didn’t document making them, but here is the finished product!



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