Tropical Desserts

The other weekend, amidst our major heat wave, we got together with Derik and Daniel for some refreshing Mediterranean fare and I was in charge of dessert! I wanted to do something refreshing to keep us all cool, so my first thought was a nice sherbet because it’s lighter than ice cream, still cool, but not heavy.  Citrus just makes me feel refreshed and since Colin isn’t a big fan of plain lemon I decided to try lemon-lime.

A quick search led me to this recipe for “Refreshing Lime Sherbet”.  In total I think I ended up going with the juice from 3 limes and 1 lemon and a combination of rind from both.


As tends to be the case with ice cream, this was easy to make and was done in about 30 minutes.  I wondered to myself how it was that the lemon/lime juice didn’t make the milk curdle at all (since that’s my usual approach to making buttermilk since I never want to actually buy buttermilk) and I don’t know the answer to why it worked, but it worked!

In addition to the sherbet I decided on Coconut-Vanilla Bean Cupcakes because to me coconut is a summery/tropical flavor!

Making the recipe was straightforward and I was excited to get to use my vanilla bean paste because it’s fun to have some vanilla flecks in the things you make!  The recipe was straightforward and I tried using my scone scoop o make the cupcakes even in terms of batter quantity/size.  As you can see in the photo below that had mixed results.  Not sure if the differing sizes were because my oven cooks unevenly or because I didn’t actually distribute the batter evenly, but they were good enough for me!


I iced them with the buttercream that the recipe calls for, which also included some vanilla bean paste– you can see the bean flecks in the ensuing photos if you look closely.  I used this as a chance to play around with my piping bag, but the tips were all so small I couldn’t do the cool icing swirl thing that people usually do when the pipe.  So I played around with some spots, but ultimately wasn’t a fan of the way that looked so smoothed everything out.



I actually ended up topping half of them with toasted coconut shreds, which gave them a nice little topping and was a good way to add in some shredded coconut without that weird coconut texture that I don’t like. (Though clearly I didn’t take a photo of that)

Finished product post-taste test 🙂


Final verdict on the cupcakes– they were yummy!  Very coconutty, but dried out after a day or two, so eat them fast!


The sherbet was really tasty too!  The zest of the lemons and limes sometimes gave a weird texture in an otherwise creamy bite, but it tasted good so I didn’t mind.  The goal was a refreshing and not too heavy citrus treat and that mission was accomplished!

And one bonus photo– since our dinner was Mediterranean I also made some pita!  This was my second time trying KAF’s Golden Pita Bread recipe and, once again, the pitas didn’t pop 😦  It was still tasty and was softer than it was the first time I made it, but there were no pita pockets to be found, just small pieces of flatbread.  I think my oven temp must run low, so may try it a bit higher next time (and hopefully will get an oven thermometer at some point).



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