Caramel Custard Pie

I had an extra pie crust in my freezer for over a month from making… I can’t even remember what.  Finally I decided it was time to do something with it.  Since I’m not a huge fruit pie person, I turned to my KAF cookbook and went for their caramel custard pie recipe.

I’ve been unimpressed with butterscotch chips in the past, so opted for caramel bits.  These are what I found at the grocery store:

I think I ended up adding more than the recipe actually called for because I wanted to make sure I got a nice strong caramel flavor, but I didn’t use the whole bag.  In the end the custard mixture tasted sort of like butterscotch pudding and I just kept eating it 🙂  Once the pie was baked it was clear that the crust was way too old and it was just chewy and not tasty, so most of the slices we ate we just ate the filling out of the crust and tossed much of the crust.  Fortunately the filling was delish, so we were not disappointed with that serving as our only dessert.  Final verdict?  Would make again, but with a fresher crust!


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